“GEO” = The Greek prefix meaning “of or relating to the Earth.”

“GEO-LAW” = Law as it relates to the Earth, namely the complex crossover between law, policy, business, land use, water, earth science, and engineering.

“EARTH SCIENCE” = an all-encompassing term, synonymous with “geoscience,” for sciences related to the Earth, including but not limited to geology, geotechnical engineering, coastal geomorphology, physical oceanography, hydrology, hydrogeology, meterology, and soil science.

Attorneys with strong earth science backgrounds are uniquely positioned to understand the legal and geological complexities of disputes involving erosion hazards, landsliding, water rights, land use, earthquake hazards, property boundaries, soil settlement, and development and construction.

As a Ph.D. engineering geologist and an attorney sought out for his land use, environmental, water law, real estate, construction and Proposition 218 expertise, Dr. Benumof specializes in what he has coined “GEO-LAW” – a multidisciplinary practice integrating law and earth science with eight (8) core specialty areas of practice, including:

  • Land Use & Environmental
  • Water Law
  • Geology & Geologic Hazards
  • Coastal
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Proposition 218
  • Architecture / Engineering