Bridging the Gap Between Law, Business, and The Earth Sciences

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GEO-LAW.COM: Where law, policy, and business converge with land use, water, earth science, and engineering.

When your land use, real estate, and water rights are at stake and the issues are complex and technical, requiring specialized expertise and experience. 

When the stakes are high and conventional strategies aren't enough to bridge the analytical gap between project success and project failure.     

When you need in-depth and integrated knowledge of overlapping issues of law, geology, and engineering and you feel there's a shortage of a very specialized legal skill set.

When you expect your attorneys to be savvy legal practitioners and you'd also like them to have the knowledge and training of Ph.D. geologists with 20+ years of solid industry experience and teaching at the University of California and California State University level.

When thoughtful creativity matched with sound, integrated legal and technical investigation is the standard, not the exception, for achieving client goals and successful outcomes.

When you appreciate good, common sense, and efficient lawyering…

GEO-LAW.COM.  The #1 source for the knowledgeable crossover between law, policy, business, and the earth sciences.   Because today, client success depends on more than just the conventional practice of law.

  • Land Use and Water Law

    From due diligence, to planning, to advocacy and entitlement – Dr. Benumof has the expertise and experience to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of government regulation, position your land use or water project for success, protect your land use and water rights, and develop creative, strategic solutions for responding to regulatory action and achieving project goals.

  • Real Estate and Construction

    From the ground up, and from the ground down, client outcomes in real estate and construction law matters often hinge on how geologic, geotechnical, and engineering conditions are evaluated and applied in contract negotiations, during project planning and construction, and in mediation, arbitration, litigation and other legal proceedings. Whether its pre-acquisition due diligence, contract negotiation and preparation, or formal litigation, Dr. Benumof has the expertise and track record you can rely on for all “geo-law” matters.

  • Coastal

    From coastal bluff and beach erosion, to blockfalls and landsliding, to shoreline protection and geotechnical engineering. From coastal development permits, to local coastal plans (LCPs), to regulation by local agencies and the California Coastal Commission. As a Ph.D. coastal geologist and an attorney specializing in coastal law before local agencies and the California Coastal Commission, Dr. Benumof has you covered on all issues coastal.

  • Geology and Geologic Hazards

    When the success of your legal matter hinges on the proper evaluation and application of geologic facts and conditions, or you are confronted with the prevention, mitigation, abatement, or control of geologic hazards, you need in-depth and integrated knowledge of overlapping issues of law, geology, and engineering. Dr. Benumof has extensive experience with earthquake fault hazards under the Alquist Priolo Act, landslide hazards, coastal erosion hazards and coastal law under the California Coastal Act, and the formation and operation of Geologic Hazard Abatement Districts.

  • Proposition 218

    Under Proposition 218, no property-related fees, such as water and sewer fees, may exceed the cost attributable to the property-owners land. If you are a taxpayer or property-owner and believe your local government has imposed fees, charges, and/or taxes in violation of Proposition 218, please contact us for a free consultation.


Benjamin T. Benumof, Ph.D., Esq.
Ph.D., Earth Sciences, UC Santa Cruz
J.D., University of San Diego School of Law
B.S., Geological Sciences, UC Santa Barbara
B.A., Geography, UC Santa Barbara


The #1 source for the knowledgeable crossover between law, policy, business, and the earth sciences.